Charmed, I'm Sure (fangirly_squeal) wrote,
Charmed, I'm Sure

I'm so bored, I might as well be listening to Genesis"

I just read this in an article in todays Oregonian, "The De Vinci Discord"

"O, lame saint!"

If you've read "The Da Vinci Code" -- and 46 million copies have been sold, so some of you have -- you know that's code for "The Mona Lisa."

You've got to be @#$%%ING kidding me. A word jumble??? Sheesh...the whole thing in FMA about alchemy notes being written as recipes is more clever than a word jumble. And apparently there haven't been any screenings of it. That and there are like 5 people listed as screenwriters and that rells me one thing.

It's gonna suck.

Not that I was going to see it. After the last preview I saw and Tom Hanks and the chub and the sweat and the DA VINCI and oh GAWD what utter crap on a stick!!!

Anyway...I'm at work and it's hot and I'm bored and I could REALLY go for some smutty FMA Ed/Envy pPRon or even some full-on squick Al/Ed. Does it exist??? HELP!!!

oh well...



p.s. if you can tell me where my subject line quote came from I won't feel so alone in the UNiverse. :>
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