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If you haven't read the film reviews that David White does for they are really funny, especially if the movie in question sux. The one for The Da Vinci Code is very good, especially:

Things to Do to Pass the Time While Stuck in This Movie … OK, Things I Did, at Least:
1. Think about how the plot resembles Kevin Smith's Dogma.
2. Wish this one also had Salma Hayek dancing to New Edition's "Candy Girl."
3. Pass note to viewing companion that reads "Candleshoe + Tom Hanks - Jodie Foster - Fun x Jesus = This Movie."
4. Fantasize about joining the religious protesters of this film with own homemade sign that reads "God hates your dull movie."

In other news, Picked up volume 8 of FMA @ Borders (though the DV Code ass-kissing signs they had in the window killed the last vestige of love I ever felt for them). Visited the Hello Kitty store in the mall my store is moving to (they sell FMA and IY posters :>). Went to Owajimaya and spent lots of money @ the bookstore on FMA books (including second volume of Arakawa's art. She SOOOOO has my love!)and a new Gothic Lolita pattern book. Picked up some General Tso's chicken and rice, mocha pocky, and a Nescafe coffee drink that was absolutely cracktastic and I'm wondering why all we get here in the U.S. is crappy little bottles of Starbucks crappacino. GRRR!!! Thank goodness for the well stocked Asian market!

Volume 8 of FMA was brilliant and OHMYGAWDWRATH! I SO got tears when Izumi was trying to escape with her baby! X< Anyway...must have 9. MUST! HAVE! 9!!! Stayed up til 4am saving pictures, mostly FMA, though I did find some nice InuYashas. Can't wait for FMA movie. Apparently is VERY bittersweet and OHMYGAWD!! I can't wait. September. GEEEEEEEEE!!!

Oh...and I've been able to write since ma left. She comes back tomorrow. :> and :<
More on that later.

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