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Has it been years since I last posted?? Feels like it. I know I was about to leave on VAYkaY, which was most enjoyable. Have a wonderful week with my bunny. We drove down to LA for his 20 year high school reunion. His family is wonderful and doing well. The reunion was fun which is good since it'll be a cold day before I go to mine. We also went to Disneyland which was hot and crowded but I got to experience The Pirates of the Caribbean's additions. Sweet sweet Captain Jack. And the Haunted Mansion had some spooky additions (mostly in the attic) which I approved of (though I miss the eerie piano version of "Here Comes the Bride"). Got to see my Vally and the Holly and stood ontop of a hill in Oakland overlooking the East Bay. Very nice.

I drove home and on Sept 2 I went to Kumoricon (anime con) which was an unmitigated MESS! The line to get in (and I was pre-registered) took 2.5 hours. And once inside I got stopped at the door to the dealer's room (there was a line to get in) and the AMV contest (needed a free ticket). As far as getting a feeling for what the kiddies dig, it's all about yaoi and bishonen (no surprise there). I did, however love the "Color with Maryanne" workshop. She's a rep with Coptic and I got to play with the pens and learn all these neat-o techniques. And the make a dolly workshop was fun. I actually finished my doll two day ago. Edward Elric. And holy MUTHA he's adorable. I will have pics up as soon as mummy shows me how to use the camera. :> 4 panels I wanted to go to were cancelled or just didn't happen. Including one at 9 am, cuz the chick wanted more sleep. Yah?? Well so did I baby! Grrrrrrrr! Painfully unprofessional. Oh well. I guess that's what Anime Ex is for. :> Speaking of...Bunny wants to cosplay Abel Nightroad (the love child of Sesshomaru and Aion from Chrono Crusade)from Trinity Blood which is all kinds of BANGBANGsqueePretty. Yummy! I was all, "O.K.". I'll be one of the q-t nun chicks. WEEEEEE!!!!
I recently downloaded iTunes and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! A dream come frickin' true. Am downloading that stupid Panic at the Disco song right now. UGGGGHHHH!!!! Instant gratification!!!!! Can't wait til I have the pod in my hand!!! Christmas won't be here soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!I

It's an absolutely beautiful day. Last breath of joy before winter comes on hard core, BLEH! And I may be starting school on Monday. Cross your fingers for me. :>

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