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All the wizards black and white are lighting candles in our hands

25 days...

...until I get to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part deux.

This affair is unique. It's been exactly 10 years since my mom loaned me the first 4 books in a series about a boy who discovers he's really a wizard. 10 years since she pointed out a mug at a Warner Bros. store with an illustration of Harry with Professor Snape and she said, "he's a bad guy".  10 years and here we are just weeks away from the last movie. Ever. The last time I get to look forward to "ooohhh, more Snape". Except this time I know it's the end. And what an end. I've heard more than one Snape fangirl say they've been living in denial-land since reading Deathly Hallows 4 years ago. I can seriously say I have very little memory of what happens after my dear Potions Professor gives his last full measure of devotion for a dead woman. I know that's terrible, but I've never claimed to be a Harry Potter fan, after all (actually, I am, but, well, I mean, it's Severus...guh!)

So, what does a fan-girl do when she's going to watch one of her most very favorite characters ever die on the big screen? She goes in full-mourning, is what! The lovely thing is some people will get it, without explanation, and I'm already blowing them kisses. I've decided to do this, not as me, but as the original character (oc) of a Snape/OC shipper that started to grow in my head 9 years ago. Despite being lovingly fleshed out in my mind, my girl never got committed to paper. I came to the conclusion the world didn't need yet another naughty Snape fanfic and decided to focus on elves and dog demons instead. But she never went away. Of course her story changed as subsequent books came out and now I'm here deciding how she would figure in the end events. What I do know is she would be devastated, but not broken. She would mourn a man she loved but who only ever possessed her, respected her ,yes, but  never allowed himself to love her. Tragic, right? (I am of the opinion that any Snape relationship, other than he and Lily, would be completely out of character as JKR wrote him. He is completely driven by his need to avenge her death, that whole obsessive/possessive thing that Rowling has mentioned in regards to his relationship with Lily. But YAY! for fan-fiction, a tweak here and there and anything is possible!)

The dress is coming together. I'm basing it on this portrait
Jean-Baptiste Jacques Augustin 1792

I'm also making a robe, a memorial handkerchief, a wand, and hopefully a handbag. I'm still on the fence about what to do with my hair (headband, scarf, etc...). All this in 25 days. WEEEEEE!!! But,as I said, this is a rare and unique fan-girl moment and I'm determined to make every moment of it count. 

I've also created a playlist on my iPod, many of the songs having been on previous "Snape Tape"s over the years. The most prominent of them all (I think it's made it onto every one, and there were three or four of them) I've quoted in the subject line. This is "Sister Janet" by Tori Amos

I will be sharing as things come together. Right now I have nothing but very large pieces of material. 

Is time for bed. Hopefully no more very large spiders will pounce on my bed. So not cool!

And yes, I'm very excited about Pottermore!

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