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No, it's gotten worse

I was taking a stroll down Live Journal memory lane, back to the year 2006, and apparently the weather was pretty damn nice. In April of that year I made a comment about how Portland's forecast was better than the Bay Area's and in June the temperature was up in the triple digits. Not that I want it to be over 100 degrees but over 60 would be nice. And ENOUGH with the cloud cover! I am sick of grey skies. SICK OF IT!

O.K., sorry, gotta bit of a tummy ache. Bleh!

I watched this today:

The last two seconds are a gift! I'm hoping, though, that that is all I see before actually watching the movie. I want to be surprised, but what I have seen rests any doubts I might have that this film will be anything less than what I hope it will be.

I didn't get any sewing done, but did my morning pages which didn't yield anything interesting or usable, but eh! S'okay.

Time to climb in bed and read the first essay in The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy: Hogwarts for Muggles. It's about the soul, different philosophical explanantions for what the soul is and which, if any, of those ideas does Rowling explore in the books. I'm liking it.

nuh nite!


p.s. Zak's new show, Paranormal Challenge, is not very entertaining. Pretty lame, actually, except when he's on the screen. I love that boy!

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