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Dreams and belief have gone. Time, life itself, goes on.

16 days.

Yah, I know I said 16 days last night, but I was wrong. Today's the 1st. I'm seeing it on the 17th,  ERGO, 16 days.

It was sunny and warm today which is a glorious, wonderful thing. I'm unbelievably happy that summer, or something like it (these are actually considered Spring conditions in the Bay Area which is really the best of all) is here. I'm getting a bit of a kick out of seeing everyone in their warm weather clothes baring copious amounts of blindingly white skin. In some cases, it's way too much, as in the case of the woman who actually had a bit of sagging exposed butt cheek going on. And I wish that something would happen and capris would go the way of gauchos. There is NOTHING even remotely attractive about them. Nothing. No one is immune from this. Just like Jeggings, there's no body type that can pull them off. Unfortunately, I'm thinking, for most of the ladies I see wearing them, aesthetics is not even a remote consideration. 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 comes out 2 weeks from today. Entertainment Weekly released their special HP edition today. An ADORABLE little Daniel Radcliffe is on the cover and many pictures of a seriously hot grown-up Daniel grace the inside. Discovered he's only 5'5".  I could kiss him smack on the forehead. And I would, too. There's only one picture of Alan in it and it's the same one from the Empire HP edition. My favorite quote so far is, "Only Alan Rickman could make Severus Snape sexy". And HOW!! Geezus! I remember back when the first pictures of him as Snape were appearing online 10 years ago and I was left thinking, "Alan Rickman with Trent Reznor's hair?? They made Snape hot? Uhm...O.K.!" And, as other Snape fangirlies have pointed out (and I greatly concur) he's gotten progressively hotter with every frickin' movie! I've tried to pinpoint exactly which scene is my favorite. I think my favorite single shot has to be this:
Severus dragging a confused and reluctant Harry down to the dungeon for his introduction to Occlumency in "Order of the Phoenix". That's some seriously swoony, fangirl-appeasing hotness right there! As far as a full scene goes, it's definitely "Spinner's End" from "Half Blood Prince".
I wish they'd done the scene a bit more like the book, what with Narcissa on her knees in front of him, begging him to help Draco, but I wouldn't trade the faint-inducing, "Take out your wand", for ANYTHING!

Needless to say, but I will (HA!), what I am most excited about in "Deathly Hallows part 2" is the "Prince's Tale". I'm hoping it's sweet and sad and everything in between and I hope having just watched him die that I can appreciate the scene fully. I think I will. If no, I'll just see it again. 16 days...

Today's "Snape Tape" song is also an alumnus of past tapes. Half Day Closing (Live) by Portishead

This one is purely for the atmosphere. Tonight is actually the first time I've ever read the lyrics. And I've always used the live version. Their live album, Roseland NYC, is amazing! And I've never been a huge fan of live recordings. I saw them live back in '94. Unfortunately, the show was slow and kinda patchy in places. I was disappointed. Despite that, I still LOVE the Portishead. And this is my favorite of their songs that's not Glory Box (I've always associated that one with InuYasha).

Despite having eaten ice cream after 10pm, I'm getting sleepy (YAY!!). I popped the hook on my red petticoat today. Working out is NOT an option!

Good nite!

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