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Beware freeform squeee to follow


First, heck I don't know where to start. Oh, o.k., I know...

OHMYGAWD the first season of Wild Wild West is coming our on DVD. Like, it's only the frickin' BEST t.v. show ever and OHMYGAWD, like I'll be all, "FMA what??" for at least two days. Jim and Artemus, in glorious Black and White and all the best Dr. Loveless episodes and OHMYGAWD Artemus Gordon is such a total blowin'-shit-up-and-quoting-Hamlet HUNK! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Will be getting that at Target on Tuesday (along with seeing the remake of The Omen. It'll be 6-6-06. Satan's Birthday. :>)

Second OHMYGAWD goes to...

The third book in the "Alienist" series by Caleb Carr (<3<3<3) is coming out in September. Finally. Geezus, I think Angel of Darkness came out in, what, '97??? Shee-it! It'll either be from Sarah's pov or Dr. Kreizler's (please let it be the Doctor! Pleasepleaseplease!!!). Afer discovering all this good news tonight it dawned on me; if Mr Carr, who is a serious hottie imho, is doing a signing tour he will NATURALLY come to Powell's when he's in the Portland area and I will meet him!!!
I'll probably end up drooling on myself like when I met Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), but that is irrelevant. must. meet. him.

The third OhMYGAWD is kind of a compound one. It involves work and moving to the Beaverton store, which was the best thing I could've done. First off, the store is moving to a spot twice the size, taking over a good chuck of a now sad little mall. I saw the most recent plans today and OHMYGAWD!!! Bookstore HEAVEN!!! All the dusty book goodness one expects from Powell's, but in de-lux new accomadations. There might be a frickin' booze serving restaurant! I shit you not! How cool is that? AND, guess who the queen of Manga is gonna be??? That's right, babies...IT'S ME!!!! The guy who has the section now saw me pulling manga out of my locker and asked me if I read alot. I said yes and that was that. Paul, the manager, told me the section would be mine. Glory hallelujah! I have visions of a monthly manga club and free shit from publishers and EEEKKK!!! Oh, and we got FMA messenger bags from Myth the other day. HOLY CRAP! Am besides myself with happiness. Will be getting one with my discount. Oh yes...I will!!!!

Well...that's all the squee-ific news for today. I did read a REALLY good IY fanfic, Kikyo-centric. Made me feel sorry for her. Between Now and the Forever. Check it out, it is MOST excellent. Ideas for FMA story get more depraved as time goes on. Pray for me ;>

Have a good night, my lovelies!!!!

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