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It SERIOUSLY defies comprehension!

I found out yesterday that my fuck of a brother has put my sweet, wonderful, bright as a mutherfucker, almost 7 year old nephew on ritalin.


Just when I thought he couldn't be any more of a fuckwad.

This is the same brother who, some years ago was railing against the drug's use and saying how it was a tool for lazy parents. Apparently this idiot therapist Gabe's been going to (a recommendation by his school, a shitty public one in Keizer, Oregon, where In-breeding is protected by the city's charter or whatever) put him on it. Mom is beside herself, she's so pissed. We're hoping to get through to Stasey. He can't do this to Gabe. Kids every year are seriously, permanently fucked up by this bullshit drug. ADHD isn't even a real disease!!!! It's a way for the fucking morons that are being allowed to teach in our elementary schools to get the kids medicated and be empty little drones. FUCKERS!!! I've had to deal with "teachers" at work in bookstores for years and they are the stupidest segment of the public. If they ever offer School and Library to me I'm flat out turning it down. I LOATHE those people.


Just heard some songs by AFI off their new album and FUCK YAH! I want some teeny-bopper goth/punk pop. WOOOHOOO!!!! And the lead singer looks like Marilyn Manson's little brother. Sweet!!!!!!!!

I have to get ready for work now.

Love, peace and joy to all.
Buddha be praised!


p.s. I want Zombie Teddy to take office and then he'd go mano-a-mano with the drug companies. Fuckers wouldn't be able to walk for months!
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