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It's been for-frickin'-ever since I last updated.

My brother is still a complete and utter douchebag.
I'm in a state of deep pout due to the fact that I am not attending AnimeExpo this year. I had planned on going, but about 5 months ago I decided that I'd put it off yet another frickin' year. So what happens? About 5 gazillion people I frickin' worship are going to be there!

Who, you ask? Oh... Mana of Malice Mizer fan (the most beautiful boy on the planet who is pretty much responsible for the whole Gothic Lolita thang), Mick Takeuchi (manga-ka of Her Majesty's Dog, the best InuYasha high school au ever written), CLAMP, and , of course, the whole frickin' screening of Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa with the Japanese and English language directors in a attendance as well as both Eds (AHHHH!!! And Romi Paku is total cutie girl, too!!!) AND the president of Studio Bones.


So totally unhappy about that.

I try to console myself with the fact that volume 10 of FMA comes out Tuesday with the third metal box and the third CD and YAY! But, DAMN!!! My inner sense of fandom is spanking me hard!

 In happy news, I went to Owajimaya on my break today and picked up yet another Goth/Lo book with some frickin' KEWT stuff in it. I really like how the look is morphing. I actually saw some really sweet dresses in 1920's and 1960's styles. I was looking at it on my till shift and trying not to squee too loudly (I was on the clock and in public and all) but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Even saw a picture of a girl in either patterned tabis or socks, wood thong sandals, and leg warmers. I had that idea, what,  last frickin' year!!!! I REALLY need to act on ideas sooner. Fuck.

I also picked up the last volume of Chrono Crusade cuz my life depends on it and all. I could've waited til it showed up on, but no. Had to have it. They also had the new volumes of FMA, FY:GK, and Kami Kaze and the new issue of New Type. GRRRRRR!!! >.<  I will wait. Besides, I'm not done with House of the 7 Gables and I'm learning so much from Nathaniel Hawthorne about convoluted, never ending sentences. He does come up with the best character names (Hepzibah Pyncheon. Brilliant).

It's still pretty toasty out. It got to be about 100 today, but it's dry heat, so it's not too unbearable.

It's my friday night and I plan on squeeing some more over teH pretty clothes (Metamorphose Temp de Fille = prOn!) and hopefully catching the new episode of the Venture Bros. and OF COURSE devouring the last volume of Chrono Crusade. Cuz Chrono/Rosette OTP!!!! (and that's Chrono big or small, not picky. Either way = ultrakink!!)

Night night me lovelies!!!

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