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Let's go on a picnic and feast on the berries that are my tears!

Hello to all my friends. It's Friday and it's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous out and not too hot and it should proove to be a BEAUTIFULL weekend which is GOOD cuz Anime Expo in Anaheim opens tomorrow. 4 days of non-stop Japanese Pop Culture Bliss. And I will NOT be there.

It's o.k.             


I just finished looking over the live events and the film schedules. Honestly, there is TOO much and I wouldn't know what to do and be overwhelmed by all the sweet yummy goodness of it all and ultimately have one of those Berenstein Bears and TOO much Cool shit to Take In Over 4 Days moments. So, it's really better for all involved that I'm NOT there. REALLY! Besides, I'd probably run into way too many chubby guys in need of a shave cos-playing InuYasha and/or Ed Elric or fat chicks as Lust and/or Urusei Yatsura and AAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Don't these people have any pride?? Or full-length mirrors???? makes me NUTZ!!!III mean SERIOUSLY! Take a gander at this uber-dork:
I'm soooo embarrased!

Anyway. So, Anime Ex. They're expecting 45, 000 peopel to attend this year, 30% up from last year (which I think was around 32,000). Obviously this whole anime/manga (and I stress manga, naturally) thing is not a fluke. I'm certainly going next year. All the major publishers are having panels and frickin' CLAMP is going to be there. They're the chicks who did Chobits and the oh so titilating Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. Most important guest EVER to appear at an American con. Hell, they really do appearances in Japan. And then there's the whole screening of the FMA movie. Monday at noon. That's why I'll be crying. I am expecting to receive volume 10 in the mail from Amazon on Monday. That would be nice. So, next year I will be there. And San Diego Con. Call it work related too. I got my first industry thing at work yesterday. Just reconfirmed we have NONE of the top selling series. I think I'm going to order one of ever volume of Naruto today. It's beyond retarded that we don't have it. Or Bleach. Or FMA.

In "the Queen is STOAKED" news, I finished the last volume of Chrono Crusade and OHMYGAWD it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. I cried. OH YES!!! Because Chrono/Rosette is the most One True Pairing of them ALL!!! I was most satisfied with not so veiled hints that YES Rosette DOES want to have sex with Chrono (cuz what 16 year old nun wouldn't want to do it with a devil?. YAH!!!). For the record, I have a serious human chick/not quite (or at all) human guy kink. The only reason Ed Elric floats my boat is because a)serious angst b)is cute and little c)non-human body parts d)can't get away from squicky images of Ed w/Al in his real body. Hawt blonde boy on blonde boy action. No...REALLY. O.k., I'll stop. But, Yah

Anywhoooo...So, Chrono Crusade. WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And NOW I can get the last volume of the DVD which has been out for, like, a year?? GUH! ADV's manga division needs its ass kicked!

I haven't heard anything from Viz about the Hyde concert contest. Oh well. That's o.k. I'm sure I'll get to see him sometime. Or any J-rock band for that matter. This is the picture I did. Has all the main characters from the 6 stories that run in Shojo Beat. Oh well. It was a kick in the ass to do.

Well, my friends. I must be getting ready for work soon. My goodness it's pretty out.

da Queen
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